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our mission

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Our Philosophy

Simply put, we are here to make a difference in this world by promoting like-minded individuals that are on a spiritual or esoteric path.  We fully support sustainability and green living and we also are pretty darn passionate about helping others.
We’d like to think that we are using the marketing resources we have to make people’s lives just a little bit brighter.  Our conscious focus gives us the rare opportunity to really spread a message very important to us. We are passionate about the work our clients do, and we’re committed to sharing it.
As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Well, we are doing our best to live up to that and we’d love to share it with you.  So let’s walk together a while, let’s share some stories, let’s have some laughs, and let’s get out there and change this beautiful world!  And yeah, we dig Gandhi.

We are committed to providing a unique and worthwhile experience to the individuals, corporations and strategic partners that want to be a part of the conscious community. We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence, professionalism and results.

Customer Satisfaction

We happen to believe in a (not-so) little thing called Karma, which is why we always go the extra mile for our clients to ensure professional, ethical and effective service.  Without our loyal clients and strategic partners, we would not be able to do a “job” we love, so we are careful to take extra special care of you.

Global Reach

The Conscious Community is not limited to one small town in the USA, and neither is our marketing reach.  We are able to focus on certain geographical areas, but we are not limited to do so.  With global strategic media partners, we offer a conscious media reach second to none.  The world is waiting, so why should you?

Marketing Strategies

Successful PR includes knowing when and where to advertise and market each campaign, which means having proper strategies in place across a variety of media outlets.  We offer a vast array of marketing venues including print, radio, video and even A-list Hollywood events in order to achieve maximum exposure.

Radio & Podcasting

We offer incredibly unique radio interviews and podcasting opportunities, all with a conscious audience and platform.  With so many people utilizing mobile devices for digital media, this is a hugely powerful and targeted market.  Ask us about being interviewed on global conscious interest radio shows and podcasts.

Multimedia is a Must

If you are not currently marketing using every possible venue, then you are missing a large piece of the proverbial pie.  Our focus is not limited to one media stream.  Instead, we offer our clients multi-platform solutions to ensure visibility across all media networks possible, particularly digital/internet media.

Branding research

The Conscious Community is a niche-based market and therefore, they buy differently than the Mainstream market.  With over 50 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, and conscious media, we know better than anyone how to reach this specialized community and engage a solid return-on-investment.